GOM Inspect the easy-to-use 3D metrology software

GOM Inspect is a software for analyzing 3D measuring data from fringe projection or laser scanners, coordinate measurement machines (CMM) and other measuring systems. The GOM software is used in product development, quality control and production.

  • If the CAD or single elements change, the measurement positions are automatically updated with “Smart Teach”. In addition, the user is much more supported in achieving a stable measuring sequence in a shorter time by advanced display options of the project status. This is also further emphasized by the introduction of scanning templates for setting application-specific parameters prior to the measuring procedure. For complex or shiny surfaces that require a specific measuring angle, these improvements lead to a significant increase in efficiency.
  • If a defect is detected by several tools, the found defects can be merged into one representation. This means that the audit score no longer depends on the number of tools used, but on the quality of the part. In addition, the new software offers the possibility of testing a part against a limit sample. This enables a simple actual-actual comparison, and known, accepted defects are not displayed in the result representation. With advanced functions for the defect analysis, there is now also a convenient way to find and analyze skid lines, expanding the application range of this solution.

With a new module that supplements the ATOS and GOM Inspect Professional software packages, sheet metal and injection-molded parts can be virtually clamped and thus measured without complex clamping devices. An innovative, FEM-based algorithm makes it possible to compute the constrained state of the part. This virtual clamping procedure is fully integrated into the GOM workflow; there is no need to leave the software interface.


GOM Suite Control center for all our software solutions

GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect

The all-inclusive, user-centered 3D metrology software makes complex inspection tasks feel simple. It supports your entire workflow – from scanning, inspecting and mesh editing to analyzing and reporting.

ZEISS Reverse Engineering

ZEISS Reverse Engineering

Geometric, freeform or organic? Whatever the shape of a part, take your 3D scan data to the next level by turning it into a high-precision CAD model with our powerful, guided software solution for reverse engineering.

GOM Inspect Pro Line for ATOS Q

GOM Inspect Pro Line for ATOS Q

Reach new levels of speed, precision, functionality and intuitive handling with the Pro Line upgrade of GOM Inspect for ATOS Q. Explore new features such as live tracking, back projection and the combination of scanning and probing.

GOM Tech Guide

GOM Tech Guide

Our central point of reference for all your technical questions about our software: The GOM Tech Guide covers software concepts, metrology workflows and functional descriptions – customized to the systems you’re using.


Raise inspection to the next level

GOM Inspect Pro is your software for detailed evaluations of 3D data. Use GOM Inspect Pro for simple or complex inspection tasks – from capturing the part to be inspected, mesh processing, CAD import, necessary GD&T calculations to trend analyses, digital assembly or proprietary inspections.

GOM Inspect Pro will save you time and money. Due to its active parametric concept, all work steps are traceable and you can create project templates at any given point in your current project. Accordingly, you will obtain accurate results even faster than before.


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