TruPrint 1000


Laser metal fusion for complex, metallic components

The TruPrint 1000 is the most productive machine in compact form and offers you all the benefits of additive manufacturing. The build volume (cylinder) is 100 mm in diameter and a height of 100 mm. This can be reduced for precious metals. The TruPrint 1000 can be used to create components in almost any geometric shape. Even relatively complex shapes can be quickly and easily converted from the CAD design to a 3D metallic component – with top quality.

  • You can use the TruPrint 1000 for the generative production of small industrial single parts and series. With the multilaser option, you can also achieve an increase in productivity of up to 80% and the utmost flexibility when processing customer orders.
  • Thanks to the Multiplate option, you benefit from a longer machine runtime for the TruPrint 1000. It can accommodate up to four substrate plates in the build cylinder, which change automatically without stopping the LMF process.

With the TruPrint 1000, TRUMPF offers the most productive 3D printer for the dental sector to date for the creation of dental prostheses. There’s even more: your digital connection with milling stations is another highlight. This facilitates new and highly precise dental products.


Compact and robust 3D printing

Simple and intuitive operation

Simple and intuitive operation

  • The TruPrint 1000 offers quick installation, ergonomic handling, and an intuitive touchscreen.

High process speed

High process speed

  • The recoating system enables powder coating and laser exposure partly in parallel.

Maximum productivity

Maximum productivity

  • For up to 80% more parts in the same time with the multilaser option.

Can be individually adapted

Can be individually adapted

  • Choose the right package from industry-specific optional packages.


  • Dental Plates
  • Parting Tool
  • Small series production with preform
  • Energy and turbine
  • R&D – Prototype Construction

Technical Data

Build Volume (Cylinder)

Diameter 100 mm x 100 mm 100 mm Height 1

Effective Build Volume (Standard)

Diameter 98 mm x 100 mm Height

Effective Build Volume (Option: Preparation For Interchangeable Cylinder)

Diameter 98 mm x 80 mm Height
Diameter 61.5 mm x 80 mm Height
Diameter 32.5 mm x 80 mm Height

Processable Materials

Metal powders for welding, such as stainless steels, tool steels, and aluminum [1], nickel basis, cobalt-chrome, copper, titanium [1] or precious metal alloys, amorphous metals. Current availability of materials and their parameters available on request. [1] Only with option glove box + oxygen sensor, high resolution.

Maximum Laser Power At The Workpiece (Trumpf Fiber Laser)

200 W

Beam Diameter (Standard)

55 μm

Beam Diameter (Option)

30 μm

Layer Thickness

10 - 50 μm

Build Rate

2 - 18 cm³/h *^2

Connection And Consumption
Electrical Connection (Voltage)

230 V

Electrical Connection (Current Intensity)

7 A

Electrical Connection (Current Intensity - Multilaser Option)

9 A

Electrical Connection (Frequency)

50/60 Hz

Shielding Gas

Nitrogen, argon

Structural Design
Dimensions (W X H X D)

1445 mm x 1680 mm x 730 mm

Weight (Including Powder)

650 kg

Design (Multilaser Option)
Dimensions (Including Filter) (W X H X D)

1455 mm x 1680 mm x 950 mm

Weight (Including Powder)

750 kg

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