T-SCAN hawk 2

Handheld precision, developed and produced by ZEISS

The portable T-SCAN hawk 2, the next-generation lightweight 3D laser scanner, comes with metrology-grade precision and remarkable ease of use. Whatever the task, wherever the job, this is a power tool that fits right in your hand.

  • Control your working distance with a new projection mode – a red laser marker helps you to easily adjust for perfect scanning results
  • The flow is yours – T-SCAN hawk 2 is intuitive to operate and adapts easily to the movement of your hand.
  • T-SCAN hawk 2 is the first portable laser scanner with the new satellite mode to scan up to multiple meters. No need for the classical built-in photogrammetry with coded markers. No compromise on accuracy.
  • T-SCAN hawk 2 operates with ZEISS INSPECT, the well established standard in 3D metrology and part of the ZEISS Quality Suite. For 14 days, enjoy your free trial of the full version of ZEISS INSPECT.

The tool to get about anything done.

Operate with a push of a button

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T-SCAN hawk 2 features four buttons to start and navigate your workflow directly. No need to operate the software separately on your laptop.


Switching between different tasks

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T-SCAN hawk 2 features seamless adjustments for resolution and field of view. Whether small parts, fine details, larger objects or deep pockets, confined spaces or hard-to-reach areas, this 3D laser scanner does the job.

Strong on dark and shiny surfaces

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T-SCAN hawk 2 supports scanning on a wide range of materials and surfaces, delivering 3D measurement data with the highest precision.


Ready to take on many applications


  • 3D inspection of dents, corrosion and damage
  • 3D scanning and remanufacturing of legacy parts
  • Indoor and outdoor, in rugged and harsh environments
  • Wear monitoring

Reverse engineering

  • From shape to CAD
  • Archiving tools and cultural heritage
  • Everything from small details to very large repairing of parts

Quality Control

  • Actual comparison with CAD
  • Functional dimensioning
  • Shop floor inspection
  • Reducing the number of iterations in your process


  • Digitize complex shapes and physical objects
  • Design modification
  • Interior design
  • 3D visualisation


  • Automotive, shipping, railway, and aerospace
  • Energy generation, oil and gas industry
  • Agriculture, forestry and mining
  • Heavy industry, mold and machine manufacturing

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