TruPrint 5000


Create top-quality 3D components faster

The highly productive, partially automated TruPrint 5000 3D printing system provides the ideal basis for industrial series production. With optional features, including 500°C-preheating and the fullfield multilaser with three 500-watt TRUMPF fiber lasers, you are perfectly equipped to handle even the most demanding industrial applications.

  • The machine quickly and reliably manufactures high-quality components from a range of different metal materials, all while meeting the stringent quality requirements for tool and mold making, the aviation and aerospace industry, and the medical technology sector. As an option, the entire process chain can be carried out in a shielding gas atmosphere: sieving, printing, cooling, depowdering.
  • Combined with external part and powder management and the monitoring solutions from TRUMPF, it is predestined for industrial additive series production.

Highly productive 3D printing for industrial serial production

Maximum productivity

Maximum productivity

  • 3 x 500-watt fiber lasers simultaneously scan the entire build area to achieve an optimal, seamless surface quality.

High component quality

High component quality

  • Optional preheating of the substrate plate to up to 500°C ensures a high component quality

Automatic process start

Automatic process start

  • The automatic process start allows for fast set-up and offers a high degree of process reliability.

High machine utilization rate

High machine utilization rate

  • The build and supply cylinders can be exchanged quickly and safely for work parallel to production.


  • Tool and mold making
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Medical Technology
  • Aerospace

Technical Data

Build Volume (Cylinder)

Diameter 300 mm x 400 mm Height

Effective Build Volume (When Preheating > 200 °C)

Diameter 290 mm x 400 mm Height

Processable Materials

Metal powders for welding, such as stainless steels, tool steels, and aluminum alloys, nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys. Current availability of materials and their parameters available on request.

Preheating (Standard)

Up to 200 °C

Preheating (Option)

Up to 500 °C

Maximum Laser Power At The Workpiece (Trumpf Fiber Laser)

500 W

Beam Diameter (Individually Adjustable)

100 - 500 μm

Layer Thickness

30 - 150 μm

Build Rate

5 - 180 cm³/h *^1

Connection And Consumption
Electrical Connection (Voltage)

400 V

Electrical Connection (Current Intensity)

32 A

Electrical Connection (Frequency)

50 Hz

Shielding Gas

Nitrogen, argon

Structural Design
Weight (Including Filter, Electrical Cabinet, Powder)

7085 kg

Dimensions (Including Filter, Electrical Cabinet) (W X H X D)

4616 mm x 1645 mm x 2038 mm

Dimensions (Including Filter, Electrical Cabinet) (W X D X H) With 500 °C Preheating Option

5266 mm x 1645 mm x 2038 mm

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