TruPrint 2000


Make the most out of the cost-effective 3D printing with premium quality

With its small 55-µm laser beam diameter, the TruPrint 2000 provides a high-quality printing result which impresses with its surface quality and level of detail. It offers a build volume (cylinder) of 200 mm in diameter and a height of 200 mm. The fullfield multilaser with two 300-watt fiber lasers from TRUMPF – which scan the entire build area – delivers top productivity.

Melt Pool Monitoring and comprehensive process monitoring ensure the highest quality standards. The production process with the TruPrint 2000 is a closed powder circuit under shielding gas. This allows for easy and practical handling, with the highest operator safety.


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Highly productive premium component quality

Highly productive premium component quality

  • The fullfield multilaser with 55-µm beam diameter allows the machine to be highly productive and achieve high-quality printed parts.

Low costs per part

Low costs per part

  • A perfectly coordinated machine concept allows for series components to be manufactured cost efficiently.

The highest quality standards

The highest quality standards

  • Melt Pool Monitoring and comprehensive process monitoring allow you to maintain high component quality consistently.

Simple operation

Simple operation

  • The inert, closed powder circuit ensures easy, practical parts and powder handling under shielding gas.


  • Spine Cages
  • Removable Partial Dentures (RPDs)
  • Knee Implant
  • 3D printed tool inserts for injection molding
  • CMF implant – cranial plate
  • Expansion Sleeve

Technical Data

Build Volume (Cylinder)

Diameter 200 mm x 200 mm Height

Effective Build Volume (Standard)

Diameter 200 mm x 200 mm Height

Processable Materials

Metal powders for welding, such as stainless steels, tool steels, and aluminum, nickel-based, cobalt-chrome or titanium alloys, amorphous metals. Current availability of materials and their parameters available on request.

Preheating (Standard)

Up to 200 °C

Maximum Laser Power At The Workpiece (Trumpf Fiber Laser)

300 W

Beam Diameter (Standard)

55 μm

Layer Thickness

20 - 100 μm

Connection and Consumption
Electrical Connection (Voltage)

400/460 V

Electrical Connection (Current Intensity)

32 A

Electrical Connection (Line Frequency)

50 Hz / 60 Hz

Shielding Gas

Nitrogen, argon

Structural Design
Dimensions (W X H X D)

2180 mm x 2030 mm x 1400 mm

Weight (Including Powder)

3200 kg

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