GOM systems support the aerospace industry and its suppliers by providing precise part geometries and deformation analysis. This data is used in R&D, Manufacturing and MRO to understand failure modes and ensuring proper quality and overall safety of the aircraft. By building a full Digital Twin of the aircraft and its systems, the GOM optical metrology sensors, coupled with powerful analysis software, help the aviation industry build and maintain aircraft faster and safer.


If the average global citizen travels on average once a year, aircraft need to meet quality standards, inside and out. Aircraft structures, systems and interiors are incredibly complex with thousands of parts, high customization and extreme quality requirements to ensure safety.

Aero Engine

More than 30,000 components form the engine of an aircraft. From design to operation, the smallest details matter as they have an immediate impact on safety, engine durability and fuel consumption. GOM’s aero solutions meet the demands on the superlatives of the industry responding to highest complexity and speeding up product cycle times.


Helicopters are among the most versatile flying machines and they owe their unique capabilities to their rotor systems. Each rotor blade helps lift and control the helicopter, so precise manufacturing and high-quality maintenance are essential for safety and efficiency.