TRUMPF presents the next generation of fiber lasers

New TruFiber P and TruFiber S lines of fiber lasers for demanding industrial welding and cutting use cases // robust, reliable, low maintenance // high process stability assured for years to come // versatile, end-to-end solution from a single source

Ditzingen/Munich, Germany, April 27, 2022. The high-tech company TRUMPF is set to unveil its new line of TruFiber P fiber lasers at the LASER – World of Photonics trade show in Munich, Germany, ushering in a new era in laser technology. “The new generation of fiber lasers is strategically important to our customers. Owing to their remarkably versatility, fiber lasers are sure to have a decisive impact on our customers’ use cases and on our product portfolio in the years ahead,” says Thomas Fehn, Chief Sales Officer at TRUMPF Laser Technology, responsible for global Laser Technology sales and services. These new fiber lasers are true multipurpose tools for welding and cutting thick, thin and particularly challenging materials. With up to six kilowatts power output and a sophisticated array of optics, sensors and software, they lend themselves to a wide range of use cases in various industries. Particularly impressive is the TruFiber P’s remarkably stable power output, which is maintained even when the laser operates over extended periods.

TruFiber S – a true multipurpose tool

TRUMPF offers solutions for all integrators and users with the two TruFiber P and TruFiber S lines. The TruFiber S pairs a powerful beam source with advanced features such as BrightLine Weld, a technology serving to boost process quality and productivity. BrightLine Weld can distribute the full laser power between the core and the surrounding ring in a two-in-one laser light cable. The TruFiber S’s beam delivery system has one or two outputs. The latter delivers laser light to two systems. Connecting and disconnecting laser light cables is an exercise in convenience. That makes the TruFiber S an excellent choice for large production lines such as those in the automotive industry.

TruFiber P – the budget alternative

The TruFiber P offers an output with a spliced laser light cable and the VariMode option. The laser’s beam characteristics may be adapted to suit varying manufacturing requirements with VariMode. The laser can thus process thin sheets of steel, aluminum and the like at high speeds, as well as copper, brass and other reflective materials. It takes less than 40 milliseconds for VariMode to change the beam profile to achieve the best surface quality for piercing and cutting thick sheet metal made of mild steel. VariMode lets users speed up cutting and piercing to shorten processes and reduce costs while enhancing the process quality of cutting and welding applications.

Reliable service for many years to come

TruFiber S and TruFiber P fiber lasers also feature Active Power Control to keep output power constant. A power sensor compares the value preset on the laser with the actual reading at microsecond intervals. In the event of a discrepancy, the power level is adjusted automatically. This keeps the laser power output constant, day after day for years to come. Robust processing optics and programmable focusing optics (PFO) facilitate remote welding and drilling. VisionLine image processing ensures accuracy during welding. It automatically pinpoints the target position for the weld on the component. CalibrationLine Focus checks and corrects the focus position on the part. CalibrationLine Power does the same for the laser power level. This check-and- correction routine takes place at user-definable intervals.

Smart process surveillance

Smart View Services is real-time surveillance tool with clearly arranged dashboards and straightforward displays for customers to monitor key data of their lasers wherever in the world they may be. It also sends this data to TRUMPF, for experts to continuously check and verify parameters’ validity and draw on machine learning to determine if maintenance is needed. This remote monitoring can help boost the manufacturing plant’s availability and efficiency.

An interface enables the customer to load all data sourced from the laser, optics, and sensors to the company database. The customer is able to effortlessly archive and track all process-relevant parameters for years, for example, for quality assurance.

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